Learning Markdown Completely Changed My Workflow As A Writer

Drew Morrison
5 min readJan 16

I have been writing online for a few years. One of my biggest struggles with writing online has always been the maintenance of my blog, formatting and posting to multiple platforms. It seemed like a tedious task to write, to log into WordPress, upload a post and then copy and paste it onto other platforms.

It was the least fun part about the entire process. I’m going to go through reasons why using Markdown has entirely changed my entire writing process and workflow.

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What Is Markdown?

Here was the best explanation on the internet I could find on Markdown:

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents. Created by John Gruber in 2004, Markdown is now one of the world’s most popular markup languages.>

I stumbled upon Markdown about 10 years ago when I began writing and pushed it aside because I thought it was stupid and there was no point to it. Why put a # next a header when I can just toggle to header on the app that I’m using?

After 10 years of resisting to give it a try, I decided to give it a week. It changed my writing workflow for the better. In about 15 minutes, you can learn 90% of the codes in Markdown to allow yourself to focus on what matters, and that is writing.

Below is a table of the basics for Markdown that I use for 90% of my posts. There are a lot more that I still have to learn, but these are the basics that I use with almost every post. Here is a link that has almost all the markdown guides broken down.

Why Use Markdown?

If you’re like me, then you may have heard of Markdown in the past and scoffed at it because you would rather not learn something new, or you also felt like “what’s the point?” With so many robust word processors out there, why would you go backwards to the basics? Why use something that is simpler?

Simple can often be better. How often have you used a new word processor just to have the workflow of your…

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